Awesome 'The Dream' Fender Stratocaster

Meet Tony Mckenzie

About Tony


Tony Mckenzie has played guitar since 1968... and today he is involved in music equipment reviews on his website and recording new music for release with co writer Alan Bruce. Tony is also a collector of special and rare electric guitars from Fender, Gibson, PRS and has also made a number of guitars and amplifiers. Some guys meet Tony when he is in the USA and can sometimes be found in Guitar Center and Sam Ash among many other guitar shops.


Tony was the owner of the dream stratocaster but sold 'The Dream' guitar some years ago to 'Ginger Pete' from Las Vegas who has collected vintage and rare guitars for some time. Ginger Pete can also be found on Facebook.


About Ginger Pete

Ginger Pete


Pete is a guitar collector that resides in Las Vegas USA. Pete has a huge collection of incredibly rare, vintage and collectable guitars and continues to collect them on an on going basis although his wife says he must stop.... now!

Like Tony, we don't think Pete will stop collecting great guitars for some time and check out Ginger Pete's page on this website to give you an idea of what Ginger Pete is really all about with his guitar collection... there are only a few... but a few to Pete is many to everyone else  - including Tony.

Peters page reflects some of the guitars he currently has and you might well be surprised about some of them. I know he collects many and varied types and brands of guitar and is always on the lookout for unique and rare guitars as indeed the dream stratocaster is. Learn more about Ginger Pete on his page on this website.