Awesome 'The Dream' Fender Stratocaster

Awesome John

What can I say about Asim Can Gunduz - 'Awesome John'.

Awesome is actually one of the nicest guys in the music business - and he's got real talent. Listen to any of the Awesome John tracks at and you will quickly realise that Asim is a master with his chosen instrument - the guitar.

Please note that occasionally Asim's site is offline.


Asim has played in the USA on many occasions as well as in many well known venues around the world including his native Turkey.

Asim can be seen at music shows, The Hard Rock Cafe (various locations) as well as many other top music venues around the world. He could play at your venue!

If you need a very cool musician at the top of his profession and VERY hard working then Awesome John is the guy for you - his stage act is second to none - a showman - and he has a complete repertoire of music to suit all styles of any given venue. This guy can bring in large audiences in a short period of time - that's Awesome John!
I have found Asim to be a completely trustworthy and a totally reliable person.

When he says he will do something you can be absolutely sure that he will do exactly whatever he says - a great guy to know and work with who will NEVER let you down either personally or professionally.

Awesome John had a long association with the dream stratocaster and used the guitar professionally in many places and he is most entertaining when you watch his show. His website has loads of information about what he is doing these days and which guitars and amplifiers he currently uses. If you have never seen him in action I recommend you find out more about him - you will really be surprised at just how good he really is.

Visit his site for further info about Awesome John
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One incredible player and one great human being.