Awesome 'The Dream' Fender Stratocaster

Ed Roman Guitars

Ed Roman Guitars - a supplier in the USA based in Las Vegas - well they used to be... but who knows... it seems Ed roman guitars are still in business and you might want to check them out. Ed was always an innovator and did make some extraordinary guitars.

David Thomas McNaught Guitars

Ed Roman in Las Vegas

Here's a website that I visited a while ago - Ed Roman Guitars - Ed Roman is a veteran in the guitar world who can be seen around all the best guitar shows.

Ed did pass away a while ago RIP Ed. Ed did have an attitude sometimes some say, but he LOVED American guitars (well - most of them) and had his own view regarding most other makes.

'The Dream' Strat has been featured on his website and for sale in his establishment - I am very grateful for the help they gave me when shipping the guitar to the UK.

Here's an example of some of the things they sell:



This is a McNaught hand made guitar - they sell these all the time, and you can see why.....  It is definitely better than the PRS they kick out today...



Above is a PRS that they had for sale at just US$3000 - a great guitar. My own opinion is that the McNaught appears to be a better made guitar of higher quality.

Ed Romans will get you FULLY up to date with all the views he has - more often than not they are right on the ball (ok well sometimes :-)) and will tell you many things that they have learned over the years - so take a look around their website it will undoubtedly have on it the guitar of your dreams.

Visit their site at and see this superb supplier for yourself.  is not affiliated in any way with Ed Roman Guitars.