Awesome 'The Dream' Fender Stratocaster

Pickups on 'The Dream'

The Dream Stratocaster utilises a one of a kind Custom hand wound set of Lace Sensor "Holy Grail” pickups. This unique pickup system was custom made for this amazing guitar and hand built by Mr. Jeff Lace himself.



At first glance the pickups look like a stock Lace Hum bucker in the bridge, single coil in the middle and hum bucker in the neck. But the design is actually 5 separate superbly balanced “special single coil pickups” (featuring zero noise hum cancelling due to its cutting edge technology, yet they sound warm sweet and very musical).

Awesome John did say that when the bridge pickup is in single pickup mode (i.e. like a Strat) then the pickup will sound almost exactly like the best 54's you've ever heard. BUT - when both bridge pickup's are selected then they are configured in such a way that both pickup outputs are 'summed', effectively enhancing that 54 single coil sound - almost like an overlay and definitely not like a hum bucker.

These rich toned pickups are configured into a setup which can easily be split into single units as you play. This totally unique pickup system was “designed” by Jeff Lace and guitar visionary “Awesome John”.

Here's some more info about Lace pickups...

Lace Holy GrailTM Series



The Lace Holy GrailTM is the ultimate vintage pickup; the tone of a '54 Stratocaster without the noise or the price tag. Conventional stacked pickups sacrifice the high and low end, but the Holy Grail's break-through design retains the depth and sparkle that is the hallmark of vintage tone. Hum-free, with higher output and more sustain, the Holy Grail delivers the classic tone you have been searching for.




These highly sophisticated devices, developed by Don Lace, President and Director of Research and Development of Actodyne General, mark a major break from conventional pickup design.

This radical new approach, utilizing state-of-the-art sensor technology never before used in any industry, offers features not available within the parameters of passive pickup systems - single coil systems with no noise; increased dynamic range; more than double the output range (if desired); no magnetic string damping; accurate string balance; unequaled sustain with no frequency change during falloff; and, the ability to accurately reproduce the sound characteristics of any existing conventional pickup - all passively.

Actodyne General, Inc. is a high technology research and development firm involved with the design and manufacture of precision magnetics and micro-magnetics for valve, speakers and acoustic emitting sensors (AES) for various industries.

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