Awesome 'The Dream' Fender Stratocaster

Steve Vai and 'The Dream' Stratocaster

Here is a picture of Steve Vai with the Dream Stratocaster.



Steve looks like he might want to have a blast with this cool Fender guitar - it's a pity that Steve did not buy it when he had the opportunity. Still, he can tell his grand children about the time when he nearly bought this beautiful and unique guitar - a photo of a great instrument in the hands of a complete master.

I believe this picture was taken in the Las Vegas area of the USA but I could be wrong about that. There is little information about how or where the image was photographed... suffice to say that Steve Vai really was looking at the guitar and I believe that he considered buying it but for some reason it was not for him.

In any case, that later opened the door for me to buy the guitar from Awesome John a little later down the road.

I would like to thank Steve for allowing his photo to be taken at this time.

Copyright of the picture remains with the photographer.