Awesome 'The Dream' Fender Stratocaster

The Body of 'The Dream' Stratocaster



The stratocaster body has been developed around a through neck design, capped with a maple top. The wood used for the back is a beautiful lightweight Louisiana swamp ash which adds considerably to the overall tone of the guitar. The way that Gene Baker made the neck joint with the body really allows you to play in any part of the neck right up to the 24th fret.




Examine the photo above and you can clearly see that the maple top has been custom carved to perfection. The body includes a number of hardware innovations including an end located output jack, severely contoured body top around the switches and tone/volume controls as well as other unique aspects included in the design.

For example, all screws holding pieces or parts on to the body screw in to brass ferrules - i.e. no screws go in to wood - this thing has been made to last forever, with no expense whatsoever spared to the extravagant features embodied within the design. That sort of level of detail is extremely uncommon on guitars and I have to say that I have never seen another guitar with that feature. Awesome John did tell me that on occasion they changed the setup of the guitar behind those blanking plates many times in one night while at shows and so you can imagine what ordinary wood screws would have been like... stripped! But with this modification there is no such chance of that happening.

Because the guitar was made by Fender for an artist you can see the input that Asim (Awesome John) had and contributed to the final product. There are actually many features not ever seen on any other Fender instrument to this day, such as the inclusion of a 'volume knob' for future expansion as the technology becomes available.