Awesome 'The Dream' Fender Stratocaster

The Name of 'The Dream' Stratocaster



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It goes without saying that there is much in a name... especially if the name is The Dream.

It's extremely rare that Fender issue a stratocaster guitar without a serial number - most likely you've never seen one - until now!

'The Dream' is the name given to this guitar by Fender themselves and this fact goes some way to showing just how unique this instrument is.

The custom shop logo reads:

'The Dream'
Custom Built
Gene Baker
Fender USA




Take a good look at the logo - it's probably the only one you're ever likely to see - especially when Fender almost never go to these lengths to name an instrument - a unique occasion for a unique guitar.

Also on the logo is the name of the master builder - Gene Baker. Gene left Fender I believe in 2001 to move forward with his own company and his guitars are all killer gear - visit his website at