Awesome 'The Dream' Fender Stratocaster

Tony Mckenzie and 'The Dream' Stratocaster



Here's a shot of Tony from the website, maybe you should go there and check out lots of useful guitarists info as well as some music & video... this dream stratocaster is featured on there also.

On this page is going to be a few more bits of information that I have about the dream stratocaster, how I bought it, how I sold it, the work I carried out in between and problems I encountered at the time of the refurbishment to get the guitar back up to great condition.

There wre a few different things that at the time were quite scary about carrying out such a task - one included shipping parts to the USA and 'hoping' that the parts would return because they were custom made and there was no easy way of replacing them.

All of the dreaded tasks will be mentioned below and I can well remember just how nerve racking it all was.


This page updated soon...